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An ecologically focused residential community overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Guanacaste, Costa Rica







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Note: wel videos and most photos on this site are provided by community members.

Use Google Earth and want to look at Finca Las Brisas from a satellite perspective? Download a Google file and then open. Click to download.

Use Google Earth and want to look at the property from a satellite perspective? Download this Google file and then open. Click to download.

For more information on using Google Earth to explore the property, click here.




 Eco tour travel suggestions


There are plenty of reasons to travel to Costa Rica than to just visit us, but if your trip includes a visit or your are joining us on one of our tours, there are several things we suggest you do to prepare.


Usually we try to stay in the same place in or around Playa Samara or Playa Carrillo, so check with us before making reservations. In the off season, there is a lot of flexibility in accommodations. On our last trip many of us stayed on the finca. Keith, took one of the beds that were made onsite and slept in the small rancho as shown below. The photo take above was from our hotel room in Samara, Playa Samara is the closest beach.



If you miss us, be sure to print these directions to the finca. See: Directions


Perhaps the best local web site for Samara is http://samarabeach.com/ Their Samara beach map is worth downloading for the trip if you have not been there. http://samarabeach.com/map.htm


Samara has a beautiful beach but is is a small surf town, so don't set your expectations too high. There are several good places to eat, a couple of little stores, clinic, tiny pharmacy, bank, gas station with diesel, and an internet cafes. We flip flop on Samara, sometimes it is OK, other times not so great.


If you are planning on visiting the property make sure you are meeting someone or have the keys to the two gates. 


Worth while web sites of the area:









If this is the first time to Costa Rica and you haven't quite realized that it is a country of endless beautiful beaches check out this site: 


Costa Rica / the property Tips

  • Bring hiking boots/shoes. Very important! We have had people show up with flip flops. Costa Rica has amazing beaches but it is not Hawaii or Florida.

  • Lightweight hiking pants (unless you don't mind a few scratches like some of us)

  • Sunglasses

  • Rain jacket (not a heavy one). Expect rain in the afternoon if you come between April and September.

  • Photocopy of passport (keep this in the car and put your passport on the hotel safe. Do not give your real passport to an officer if you are pulled over). There will be speed traps. Honestly, some of us would pay the $40 on the spot fee charged by officers in the past. This practice is no highly discouraged, so ask your rental agency what they want you to do with a ticket, if you get one.

  • There is a clinic in Samara and the doctors speaks English, a clinic on some days at the end of our road, and a major hospital in Nicoya 30 minutes from the finca.

  • Wide brimmed hat

  • Sunscreen - 15+

  • Knapsack

  • Bug repellent (not a lot of bugs but early in the morning and at night we have seen some during the rainy season)

  • Hiking socks (the finca is red clay and lots of things get caught in your socks, so bring lots of socks. You won't be washing some out and wearing again). But if you are staying in town, there are laundry services. On the finca we have laundry.

  • River shoes for the very very slippery rocks

  • Lots of t-shirts and shorts

  • Ziplock bags for all of your dirty laundry

  • Driving tips...watch for potholes, narrow bridges, aggressive drivers, cattle on roads... YIELD to buses and trucks at all times. Wet roads can be slippery. A lot of the bridges in our area are only wide enough for one auto.

  • If you are coming the finca in the rainy season, you need one of the larger 4 wheel drive SUVs. In the dry season one of the smaller ones will do. In Liberia, Hertz and Avis have worked well for us, but there are cheaper options. Do not leave anything in your auto and leave the doors unlocked. Not at any time of day or in any place. Do not leave valuables in your room. Several of us have had items stolen in some unlikely places. Costa Rica is safe, but theft is very, very common.

Here is the deal, all the rental cars look alike and stick out like a sore thumb. They might as well have a target printed on the sides. One family told us that they had just flown in, drove to Nicoya and stopped at the main market parking right in front with lots of friendly people coming and going. They ran into the store to make a couple of purchases and came out to an empty car. Most of us, at one point or another have had something stolen.

  • Pack light, many of us are down to pretty much just having t-shirts and shorts in our bags.

  • If you are coming to just visit us, try to fly into Liberia. We are about a 2.5 hour drive from that simple and easy little airport. Your rental car person will be there waiting for you. The airport is much improved in San Jose and with the new highway the drive can be made in 3.5 hours. But, heavy rains do close the highway at times and during peak traffic the drive can take a good five to six hours.



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Located (near Playa Samara, Playa Carrillo, Playa Garza, Playa Buenavista, Playa Guiones, Playa Nosara, Playa Ostional, and Playa San Juanilla) on the Nicoya Peninsula overlooking  the Pacific coast of Costa Rica