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An ecologically focused residential community overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Guanacaste, Costa Rica







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Note: wel videos and most photos on this site are provided by community members.


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Costa Rica real estate for sale in a sustainable community in the hill above Samara 
 The rains remind us


The rains fell sporadically for several days the last week of May a couple of years ago, as an abnormally slow moving low pressure system camped out off the coast of El Salvador and proceeded to direct impulses of moisture laden air towards Costa Rica and drop rain onto the developer team members and their families. 


The trip started auspiciously enough with heavy rains as the vistors clan first arrived and made their way in a two car convoy from the Liberia airport on towards Samara. A stop off at the usual fruit stand in Nicoya found we and Dave leaving behind an entire bag of fruit (which ironically a week later the ever so kind tica woman replaced at no charge, having committed to memory every single piece of fruit that had been paid for but left by accident – amazing). When the Cokers drove past the Maquenco entrance they were thinking it couldn't rain any harder when they spotted weberto the school teacher and his wife next to the church stranded on broken motorcycle so they took them up the mountain and discovered our new road and improvements held beautifully during the rainy season.





The group stayed at the Villas Kalimbas in Samara and was graciously hosted by the proprietor, Roberto, originally from Italy.  Roberto cooks for his guests when inspired to  do so, and we were fortunate enough to enjoy his unique and delicious creations on four different nights. 


The beach was very close by, so the boys enjoyed many early morning and late afternoon romps on the beach, Coleman doing his best imitation of Frankenstein walking about, and Owen pointing at everything in site, picking up sticks, and smearing sand on himself.   


Several members of the group enjoyed the nearby Wing Nuts zipline canopy tour, while others went fishing (the red snapper and sierra mackerel sushi was sensational. Sheldon somehow even landed a moray eel that was soon released. Deena, Phyllis, Dar and Ben enjoyed horseback riding on the beach and Darlene and Deena had a killer workout at the Nosara Yoga Institute. Keith, Dar and Ben took surf lessons across the way at C&C Surf school. Everyone got up many times - all are now hooked. Look for boards hanging from the walls of the community center next year!


Many nights found the group enjoying dinner at various restaurants along the beach watching the local beach dogs, evening beach soccer game, or the thirty or so horses wandering back from their pasture areas to their evening quarters. 

Keith spent quite a bit of time working on legal documents with our attorney Vanessa Calvo, and interviewing prospective Construction team members.  we and Ray spent a good deal of time on the finca coordinating the various projects and site planning that were going on and giving a tour of the property to Tom and Julie Anderson who were visiting from Maryland. 


Andrew and Andrea Zwick stopped down from Monteverde to meet the group, and Andrew spent some time on site with we reviewing the upcoming work that will fit out the work shed with solar panels that will power the pump to fill the 1,800 gallon water tank that will be put in place shortly. 


As Howler Monkeys watched Steve Gallant and his fearless truck driver somehow got the 20 foot ocean container that Steve has since converted to a work and storage shed to the site despite muddy roads with hairpin turns, and narrow passages.  In a couple places the dual tires on one side actually road on nothing but air for a few feet (the tracks proved it!)


Hats off to Steve for persevering through the rain and continual shocks he received while welding on site.  weso thanks for the boogey boards and hammock.  Ben and Keith put the boards to good use early one evening when the surf was really up. 

Christoph Hubmann continued his instrumental role in the project, coordinating and overseeing the construction of a 12’ x 15’ “Ranchito” atop the community area hillside.

He also took and Dave and we to a nearby nursery where over 300 fruit trees were secured.  Many of these grafted varieties will begin bearing fruit in the next 1-2 years.


The plantains and bananas that were planted as corms back in April are already 3’ tall. The living fence posts of “India des nuda” that our site crew, headed by Jose Antonio  planted in April have already produced 12 inches of growth. 

Native tree planting took place around the community area, as did the planting of some pineapples.  One hundred shade loving coffee plants are being brought down from Jose Antonio’s finca.  These will be planted on the partially shaded slopes just below the  community area. 


Our new road has held up well to the heavy down pours, but the wing walls at a couple of the culverts are being widened by our crew, as they were too narrow to properly retain the constantly shifting volcanic soil.  A fast growing ground cover is also being planted along the road banks to stabilize the soil.


Other big news included finding out that the white water view visible from the finca was recently purchased by Mel Gibson for a cool 26 million U.S. (see article on left). This is being turned into a 408 acres personal retreat and sanctuary for the actor. The purchase price has already dramatically increased the value of surrounding fincas which is great news for our lot owners. 


we met with Eugenio and wefredo Bermudez from the engineering firm, Deppat twice on site during the trip, and the 25 lot master plan is now nearing completion. We hope to have the finalized version up on our website within the next couple of weeks. 

wel of the different fall sites we visited on the finca this trip were really cranked up from the rain, and the finca was incredibly lush and a vibrant green.  Several mornings found layers of fog drifting in and out just above the finca, producing an incredibly surreal effect.  Lots of birds were spotted on the property, including a large lineated woodpecker, and several mot mots and trogans.  Toads and baby iguanas were also seen scurrying about in the grass. A few mangos were still on the trees down by the corral, and provided much needed energy for the hike back up the mountain after one of the more robust hiking excursions. Lots of mushrooms that produce hallucinogenic effects if ingested were found growing out of cow pies in many places, and the old farmhouse on the other side of the river was entered and found to contain several hundred bats – the old building has aptly been named the “bat house”. 







Bat in the bat house

 Planting the valley

Exploring the river valley

 Julie and Tom viewing lots

 1,800 gallon water tank we installed for the new well

 70 going on 60

 A rainy night at Villa Kalimbas



 Big Shel and his-Moray Eel

 Christoph and Ben planting

 Dinner at Villas Kalimba

Darlene (age 43) surfing for the first time


 Group hike down to the valley falls and over to our east caretaker location

 Group shot at 60' falls which we discovered in January

Keith, Andrea, Andrew, Sue and Dave

 Owen and Deena crawling beach



 Sue and Dave planting

Steve, in the container he modified taking out the cart, solar frames and cement mixer made or modified for us

We got a backhoe to help our truck up the mountain.



 Siesta time

 Dave heading off for a hike

Hiking the finca

Parking area on the finca




Rainbow on valley view
Tom & Julie selecting at lots
Our new living fence with four weeks growth
Secondary forest on Finca. "No one has these secondary forests" Vanessa Calvo, real estate attorney
We have a aggressive re-forestation project implemented but we already have secondary forest on Finca
Mountain view from Finca
Turquise-browed Motmot spotted near the bat house
Howler monkey near community center lot
Cutting grass on one of the lots
Ben (age 8) surfing for the first time
Valley view
Keith at the corral falls
One of our mango trees. As if this huge tree didn't produce enough we planted dozens more mango trees!
Vanessa (our attorney) with Rhys and Keith walking the lots she is placing into corporations
 Finca entrance lush and green
 Sheldon's first fishing trip
 Breakfast each day at the lodge
Christoph & Dave discuss reforestation (Dave wears the hat he got in Panama while in the service - he also had his Spanish book)
Coleman with mom on the beach
Dave with his grandson
 Adjacent farmers teak being thinned
 Ranchito from community center site
Dinner at El Garto

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Located (near Playa Samara, Playa Carrillo, Playa Garza, Playa Buenavista, Playa Guiones, Playa Nosara, Playa Ostional, and Playa San Juanilla) on the Nicoya Peninsula overlooking  the Pacific coast of Costa Rica