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An ecologically focused residential community overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Guanacaste, Costa Rica





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Note: wel videos and most photos on this site are provided by community members.

Use Google Earth and want to look at Finca Las Brisas from a satellite perspective? Download a Google file and then open. Click to download.

Use Google Earth and want to look at the property from a satellite perspective? Download this Google file and then open. Click to download.

For more information on using Google Earth to explore the property, click here.




Contact us if you are interested in real estate for sale in Costa Rica near Samara and Nosara on the Pacific Ocean - Keith Jeffrey, Ray Coker, Al Benner, Wayne McDonald 
 Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about living here

Address in Costa Rica:

1.5 Kilometers North of the of school house in Naranjalor on the Nicoya Peninsula
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

 A few the property community members

The Baxters

The Baxters reside in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., near Detroit. Brad is an entrepreneur and founder of several small companies including a product development and engineering firm and a pet care product company with manufacturing near Madison, Wisconsin. Brad’s company,  Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. manufactures the “Litter-Robot™”self-cleaning kitty litter box. Brad has also participated in design and engineering projects in the automotive, medical and consumer goods industries.  His expertise is in product engineering, manufacturing and materials. Brad was raised in Wisconsin and has a BSME from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Margaret is senior vice president managing operations and international activity for an automotive trade association based in Troy, Mich. with offices in Washington, D.C. and Tokyo. She has a BA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and an MA from Middlebury College in Vermont. Margaret was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Ohio and Michigan. The Baxters have three daughters ages 5, 10 and 14, and are active in the local community and schools.

Brad initially learned about the property project through a business contact. Brad trekked to Costa Rica early on in the project, assisting with surveying the property, hiking numerous days on the property and spending time with lot owners reviewing the vision of the community. After visiting Costa Rica several times and introducing Margaret and the girls to the natural beauty of the Samara/Nosara region, Brad began to think long-term about being part of the project and investing in the property and the self-sustaining vision for the property. 

Brad says: “For me, it’s not so much about the sun and the surf, it’s more about the pristine setting, the amazing natural beauty, the peaceful pace of life, and the engaging and warm people in the area. I was captivated from the first moment I set foot in Costa Rica.” At the same time, the Baxter girls are most excited about being able to spend time near the ocean with all of the amazing sea life and scenery. Surfing and body-surfing are must-do activities for the kids. Brad and Margaret have tried their hand at surfing as well, but, like a lot of mid-westerners, don’t exactly have the hang of it yet. Costa Rica’s predictable climate, fabulous scenery, and wealth of bird, plant and animal life make every visit a new adventure.

Initially the Baxters plan to make Costa Rica a vacation destination, and look forward to sharing the experience with friends and family. We are very pleased they have decided to become part of the Las Brisas family and we look forward to many fun years ahead with this adventurous and fun-loving family.

Benjamin, Darlene & Ray CokerRay Coker, Darlene Coker and Benjamin

According to Ray, Darlene is the smartest person he as ever met. Darlene laughs at the idea, but you know, it doesn't hurt to have smart people around on a project like this.

Both Ray and Darlene own small consulting/training companies. http://www.pssi.biz. Ray's niche is enterprise project management and has had a wide diversity of clients ranging from NASA to the US Secret Service, from IBM to the City of Las Vegas. He has also worked extensively in residential, commercial, and government construction project management. Darlene's company creates event-like training programs for large companies like Pepsi and Bank of America. (Darlene's son Benjamin was a little perturbed to discover that Coke products dominate all the shelves in Costa Rica and is determined to change that.)

When they are not traveling they hang out and sail in Tampa Bay the the Gulf with their son Benjamin (age 13 now) and dog Spirit. Ben is also sails 420s for the Davis Island Yacht Club.

"Ben has always been one of these kids that likes to get off the beaten trail, spread his wings a little and explore," say his parents. Costa Rica, with everything new and natural, and the remote mountainous location of this project are perfect for him. Ben drew extensive tree-house designs for the perfect place in one of the large trees down by the river. His concept is that the tree house could be a place were we can view the wildlife coming down to the river to drink, and maybe a place put up a hammock and spend the night.

One of Benjamin's favorite expression is something we have all been saying is "There are no rules in Costa Rica! It is like the Wild West!"

Keith Jeffery

Keith is a former corporate salesperson and today he rehabs and then sell properties.  It was his corporate experience, when it came to making this deal work, that helped us keep perspective and led us in the right direction.  This energy and his expertise is very valuable on the project.

In addition, Keith has direct experience doing community development and charitable work in third world countries. There are some plans to help some of our neighbors like the small school a kilometer away, but we are expecting that his expertise will help guide much of our involvement. Long term friend we, said this about Keith, "He is always up, optimistic, has nothing to bad to say about anyone, you can count on him."


Wayne and Victoria (Vicki) McDonald

Wayne is a real hands-on guy. We have all of these pictures of Wayne from the different trips to Costa Rica, and they are all of him catching the fish, cracking open the coconut, climbing the water falls, conducting an experiment, and in this one, drinking the beer.

Wayne is experienced in construction as a lead carpenter for a custom home builder in Bucks County PA and Princeton NJ, and as the design engineer and project manager for PSE Engineering. Currently Wayne manages a portfolio of rental properties. Victoria owns a financial planning firm. Together they have three children Madeline age 13, Ian 7, and Gavin 5.  

We all have our reasons for being involved in this project, Wayne explains it this way,

My family has a passion about nature and the environment and Costa Rica offers such a diverse ecosystem we feel that it is something that must be sanctuaryd and because of the culture and political support in Costa Rica preservation is possible. Rebuilding the woodlands on the property and creating habitats for the wildlife in the area also gives Victoria and I the opportunity to educate our children on how an ecosystem works and how we can effect that system by improving small portions of that system. We believe that we can not expect future generations to protect the environment if they do not know anything about it. Education is the key to the future of the environment.

The second reason we are involved in the project is we want to expose our children to as many other cultures as possible. The people in this rural area of Costa Rica are wonderful and my family looks forward to making many new friends.

Finally, my bagpipes are going to sound great from the top hill at the property.

Dave Modny

Dave has been a friend of another resident for many years and we first contacted Dave when we had questions about our initial property survey and the various surveys for the master plan. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and owns a surveying company in Greenville, SC. With the housing industry being what it is these days, Dave decided that rather than potentially watching his company slowly bleed out his savings during these challenging times, he would instead invest now for his future by purchasing a lot within the the property community. As he puts it – “I feel like I have a lot more control over my destiny in Costa Rica, particularly in a community like the property where everything I need is there, including a group of very dynamic people.”

A very likable, easy going, and funny guy, Dave really gels with the “tranquillo” pace of life in Costa Rica. He just seems so at home here – almost like he lived in the country all his life (he is currently taking Spanish lessons so he can assimilate even faster). Dave is also now certified and getting into setting up PV or photovoltaic renewable energy systems.  Another one of Dave’s interests is that he enjoys playing  guitar and singing a wide range of songs. Following in the the property tradition of giving back to the local community, on his last trip he gave one of his guitars to locals who were thrilled beyond belief.

As Dave put it: “It’s just another way to relax on the finca, and what better way than to listen our neighbors performing their traditional Spanish folk songs – life just doesn’t get any better than this…as the Ticos say Pura Vida”.

Dave is an incredibly positive, open, and reliable person - traits that are very common among among our community members. We really look forward to plenty of thought provoking conversations with “Modz” and some moonlight serenades up at the community center…

Susan, Millard, Gabriel and Jasmine

Susan MaClean and her husband Millard Powell will soon be moving to the finca full time with their two young children Jasmine, 4 and Gabriel, 5. Susan is a singer/songwriter, potter, and teacher. Millard is a firefighter, paramedic, and has lots of experience working on organic farms. He will be helping set up our organic vegetable farms and maintaining our thousands of tropical fruit trees. The couple and their two young children plan on calling Costa Rica home full time by September. They will be building a home on the finca soon thereafter.

Susan wrote, "We are so thrilled to be moving out of this concrete jungle into a Real jungle where we can be connected with the earth and our neighbors, living together in true community! Our little ones are excited, too; they mention Costa Rica almost every day. Gabriel keeps saying, 'The howler monkeys are missing us, Mommy.'"


Lou & Claire Davis currently live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Lou works as a photographer for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Claire is a women's health nurse practicioner. They have two adult sons, Andrew & Philip. Lou was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, grew up in Massachusetts where he me Claire when they were fifteen.  They were attracted to the project by the respect it shows for the people, culture, and the land of Costa Rica. They are looking forward to spending more time in Costa Rica building a home at the Finca, showing visitors the beauty of the country,  and entertaining family members.

Jim is retired from 32 years of teaching mostly Global Studies / Int'l Relations courses at South Kingstown HS in RI.  Currently, I receive a pension, and teach part time at URI (Poly Sci) and Salve Regina U (Education).  I also referee soccer games.

Additionally, I play soccer year round (at 59 years of age), and basketball and tennis parts of the year.

Cindy, is a Nutritionist at a local community health clinic.  She is very involved with Social Justice issues with her church, and she loves gardening, kayaking and walking.

 My oldest, Brent, works for the Dept of Labor in Wash DC.  My middle one, Neal, just started a National Civilian Conservation Corps 10 month stint in Denver.  Finally, weison is just finishing her BA in Psych, and will be continuing for a 5th year, getting a Masters in Teaching. 




Some of the finca kids
Mark before his ultra-light flight over the finca
Andy and Ben
Brad, Dave and Mark
Victoria and Dar
Wayne & Keith


Benjamin and Ray

Vicki and Dar

Deena, Dar, Maya and Indira


Fiesta: Vicki, Coto, Wayne & Keith

Sally signs closing papers in Samara





 Gabriel and Jasmine


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Located (near Playa Samara, Playa Carrillo, Playa Garza, Playa Buenavista, Playa Guiones, Playa Nosara, Playa Ostional, and Playa San Juanilla) on the Nicoya Peninsula overlooking  the Pacific coast of Costa Rica