Points Available


1) Introduction Baseline Participation
20 points
This is the introduction speech given the first day of class. During the class you are going to be making a self-assessment of all of your speeches. We are going to use this first speech as the baseline for all comparisons. If you do the speech, you will receive the full 20 points.
2) Physical Skills Participation
50 points
This is the second speech you will present. This is a physical skills practice. The skills that we will focus on are movement, gestures, voice projection, eye contact and use of non-words. If you do this skills practice you will receive the full 50 points. See the Physical Skills worksheet download.
3) Know your Topic Speech Participation
20 points
This is the third speech you will give. Most of you will work for companies or government agencies and some point in your careers and you will belong to clubs and associations. Typically, we work in teams these days and most teams have to make decisions, solve problems, come up with ideas and deal with issues. Facilitation is often a speaking type of role you will play when you lead a team of people.
4) Daily Class Assignments
270 points
There are about 27 class sessions. There will be an assignment or quiz for each class period. Each assignment is worth 10 points. This class requires that you come to each class and that you are prepared.
5) Informative Speech Outline
50 points
Before you give your speech you need to hand in a typed outline.
The outline must be based on the Informative Speech worksheet and it must be typed, printed and stapled.
6) Informative Speech
130 points
This is one of the two most important speeches. This is a six minute informative speech on an approved topic. You will be graded on your outline, your presentational skills and content. This speech must also include either a survey or an interview.
7) Story Speech
40 points
This is a one to two minute story speech and is graded. See the How to Tell a Story download.
8) Persuasive Speech Outline
80 points
Before you give your speech you need to hand in a typed outline.
The outline must be based on the Persuasive Speech worksheet and it mus be typed, printed and stapled.
9) Persuasive Speech
160 points
This is a ten minute persuasive speech. In this speech you combine it all together using a persuasive outlining model. Evaluated in this speech is your outline, story, survey or interview, QA, evidence, physical skills, audience management and visual aids. This speech is graded. See the grading criteria download.
10) Chapter MindMaps
80 points
This is the collection of one page MindMaps (search Mindmap for examples) on each chapter in the book that is assigned reading. MindMaps must be stabled.
11) Final Exam & Self Assessment
100 points
The final exam is two hours and questions are short answer. Focus on the class content and the Public Speaking Model we reviewed. Part of the exam will be on the self-assessment (see worksheet download) that you have been completing for each of your speeches throughout the term. You will turn in this self-assessment along with the exam to be graded.
12) Attendance
Missing More than one class period earns minus 25 points. Missing more than two classes earns minus 50 points for each class missed. Missing six or more classes earns a failure.


1000 points possible






There are 1000 total points in the course (the total number of points will change some during the course) and then of course there are the points you will have earned at the end of the course. Calculate 1000*.90 and you come up with the grade distribution for an A. 900 points or higher is an A.
Let's say you ended up with 811 points and you still had the final to take. You could skip the final and still get a B in the class. 1000*.80 is 800. Between 800 and less than 900 is a B for the course.
Please see chart.
Your points for each assignment will posted on Blackboard and I will always tell you the total to-date, so you will always know where you stand in the class.
By the way, most of your college professors will grade using this same scoring distribution.