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(Note: There is little difference between 2013 and 2016, so some reference cite 2013 but are applicable for 2016.)










1 Pre-Workshop Review

Project Management Institute (PMI)® Overview of Project Management

Download: Word Document: Quick Reference Guide for Microsoft Project

Video: Overview of Microsoft Project

Overview of Microsoft's Enterprise Project Management (EPM) system

What is new in 2016

Video: 2013 Capabilities and Features

There isn't much difference between 2013 and 2016

Complete the: Pre-Workshop Evaluation

See instructor for details

Pre-Workshop Application Review (Video)

Note: Some video may require you use IE

Video: Get Started with Project

Video: Assigning Resources

Video: Create a Timeline

Video: Tracking Progress



3 Workbook, Books and White Papers Download: Workbook - iPM 2016 Download: Online vs. On Premises Solutions Download: Comprehensive Guide to Project Online Download 100 Page Overview: Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Solutions Guide Download: Strategy or Portfolio Analysis    
4 Architecture and Project Online Download: Reference Chart 1 - PPM/EPM Architecture Video: Project Online Overview          
5 Process Bridge

Download:  Process Bridge 2016

Download: Quick Start Guide for Process Bridge v7.pdf

This includes installation directions for Process Bridge on page 8






6 Project MAP is a Generic Project Life Cycle Click on the thumbnail to view Project Map Click on the thumbnail to view Project Map steps automated in MS Project          
Steps for Planning and Tracking a Project in Microsoft Project
In the Project MAP graphic, this starts at Step 4
*Note: Steps are implied, there is some logic, but building a project is a mostly iterative process. For training, we follow these steps.







8 Step 4 - Set Estimating Parameters Click on the thumbnail to view Setup Map            

a) Opening or Starting a New Project

 Opening a project

Starting from a Enterprise Project Template




b) Review and or Define Enterprise Calendars

 Download: Reference Chart 5 - Calendar Rules

Download: *.mpp file with US Federal Holidays Defined

Create a New Calendar

Change Working Days

Modifying Working, Non-working and Calendar Days

 Modifying Working, Non-working and Calendar Days



c) Project Information

Scheduling from the Start or Finish

Setting the Status Date





12 Step 5 - Create Work Breakdown Structure

Click on the thumbnail to view WBS Map

Basic Tasks

Add a Milestone

  Summary Task

Recurring Task

Project Summary (Row Zero) 


13 Step 6 - Enter Estimates Click on the thumbnail to view Enter Estimates Map            

a) Manual vs. Auto Scheduled Tasks

Task Mode Field Manual vs. Auto          

b) Define Task Scope









c) Enter Duration and/or Work

Click on the thumbnail to view Estimating Approaches            

d) Define Resources

Add Resources Build Team          

e) Determine Assignment Calculation

Changing Task Type for Scheduling Task Types    

f) Assign Resources

Assigning Resources Assigning Resources Part II          
20 Step 7 - Determine Task Logic Click on the thumbnail to view Schedule Logic Map          

a) Set Timing Constraints and Deadlines

Timing Constraints More on Timing Constraints Deadline Field        

b) Sequence Activities and Milestone

Linking Tasks Types of Links Download: How Critical Path is Calculated Show Critical How Scheduling Works Task Path  
23 Step 8 - Plan Communication Click on the thumbnail to view Reporting Options in Microsoft Project Printing a View Create Report Pick the Right Report Visual Reports    
24 Step 10 - Acquire Project Team Click on the thumbnail to view Acquire Project Team Map            

a) Level Resource Workloads

View Workloads and Availability Best Workload Views Baseline or Interim Plan        

b) Set Resource Leveling selections (optional)

Setting Task Priorities Level Assignments          
27 Step 12 - Baseline Project

Click on the thumbnail to view Baseline Map

Set and Save a Baseline





28 Step 13 - Measure and Monitor Execution

Click on the thumbnail to view Ensure Success Map

Tracking or Updating





29 Global.mpt and the Enterprise Global

Download: Reference Chart 10, Global.mpt

Overview of the Global.mpt
Exercise Global.mpp file
Overview of the Enterprise Global

 Survey: Workshop Evaluation

See instructor for details 




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