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An ecologically focused residential community overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Guanacaste, Costa Rica






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Note: wel videos and most photos on this site are provided by community members.

Use Google Earth and want to look at Finca Las Brisas from a satellite perspective? Download a Google file and then open. Click to download.

Use Google Earth and want to look at the property from a satellite perspective? Download this Google file and then open. Click to download.

For more information on using Google Earth to explore the property, click here.




 What people are saying

"Pura Vida! I fell upon your website while checking in on how Costa Rica is holding up ..and WOW guys! how incredible!!! where do I sign up!?!?! living in a sustainable ecofriendly environment is something that my partner and I talk about everyday... as I began to navigate through your website I couldn't help but picture myself participating in the project with you. I just wanted to express to all of you that it makes me so happy that you are fulfilling your dreams and able to live your lives in this unbelievable environment. Costa Rica is amazing, isn't it?!"  Leah - Cincinnati

"To me, the property brings together people, place and an idea in a way that really pulls you – sort of like that first girl friend. "Brad - Pontiac, MI

"I sit in a leather cane chair, on teak deck, listening to the trill of an unknown bird over my left shoulder. As I glance in that direction, toward the palms behind me, the "lapa" parrots song rises to a chorus. These large green parrots, a cousin to the scarlet macaw, nestle into the trees as the last rays of sunset fade with their evensong.

The are gathering together, secure in their new pen, the two mothers ready to birth in the next full moon.

Off in the distance, a lone howler monkey calls to the pack, wanting to find a sense of place before the day folds into darkness.

A cricket sounds, and the muffled rush of the falls a few hundred yards behind me remind me how raw, transcendent, precious and sacred this place truly is.

Beya lays quietly @ the entrance to the casa as the kittens play on the lower porchand the evening mist rises to cover the peak of Zaragosa. 

A light rain begins to fall, prompting the howlers to call out markedly louder, more intent on finding their place, and resting near the protection of their family before night falls.

The finca is a continual mix of serene and surreal, a perpetual overload of sights and sounds....natures symphony in allegro. Keith - Devon, PA

"None of my development clients have forests like these." Vanessa  - San Jose


"I like the people there, they are nice.

The farm was beautiful.
The kids were very nice.
The trees were green.
I liked the farm animals, they were very nice.
You guys are cool to hang out with.

I like you." weeta, age 6 - Naples, FL

"Your website and PROJECT look fantastic. I spent a good hour going thru your site and learning about everything. You are truly amazing. We need to have a long pow wow. We think so much alike in regards to the environment and sustainability issues. Jay - Philadelphia

"My husband and I currently live in Costa Rica and are looking for a vacation home outside the central valley. Your development plan is exactly what we are looking for..." Cristina - Costa Rica 

"I believe strongly in what you are doing with this project..." Jerry - Chandler, AZ


"I am delighted to have found you and to feel the buzz of excitement." Pam - Ojai, CA


"This seems to good to be true, its like my dreams are answered..." Belleview, Florida


"If ever there was to be such a thing as heaven on earth this would be it!"  Gina - Somers Point, NJ


"Hello...I just found your beautiful site on the web..." weex - Farnham, UK


"I love the concept!" Larry - Pittsfield, MA


"Wow! Your ecoCommunity looks amazing." New Orleans, LA

"I am so excited to have found out about your project. It is exactly what I've been searching for." Wichita Falls, TX

"...you and your family and friends seem to be working on the same type of dream we would love to be involved in." Amber - Marin, CA

"Wow! I was at bestfriendfence.com and, to my good fortune, discovered the link to this site. wel I can say is "Wonderful!" Randy - Cheboygan, MI

"After reading your site and seeing pictures of the families participating in this project, I can't help my feelings bordering on giddiness that THIS (or something like it) is what we've been looking for and dreaming about for a long time." Angela - Seattle

"I literally stumbled upon your website from Greenable's Services page. I am incredibly impressed and inspired. I work for a environmental consulting firm...and attempt to live as sustainably as possible in both my professional and personal life. your effort is commendable and I would love to stay in the loop. Thanks very much!" Courtney - West Chester, PA

"I went to the property in March of 2007 with my wife Winifred. Driving up to the property I was impressed with the road. I had read and heard so much about how the roads in Costa Rica were questionable, but this road was newly graded with adequate drainage. we and Mark Janiczek greeted us as we entered the gate to the property. we’s enthusiasm and Marks’ building savvy came through as they talked about the project. Their vision is grounded in a plan made up of practical steps. They want to make it happen in a sustainable coherent manner with respect for the land and neighbors. Renewable energy, the planting of fruit trees, living tree fences, and clay bricks from the soil were all discussed. Before we left in two days some bricks had been made, plans for the solar water heater, and testing the river for hydro had been started. And… the local crew had installed another row of living tree fences. Impressive. 

We walked up onto the crest of the hill and looked to the west. The rolling hills lead to the ocean. The soft wind and birds filled the air. It was peaceful and majestic as you looked in every direction. The sound of the river came up from below. We picked up a newly fallen mango to sustain our walk down to the river and waterfalls. The river snaked through the valley punctuated with waterfalls. An old small corral was nestled in the corner of one bend. Great views, plenty of water, and a diverse eco-system of trees and vegetation have made me start dreaming of the possibilities of being part of this project and community of kindred souls." John - Mill Valley, CA

"Thank you for making my dream visions come true!!! I have been thinking about all of the Ideals that you are making a reality..." Jay - Novato, CA

"We presently own property above dominical and are looking to add the right Guanacaste location. you seem to be doing it right, unlike most of Guanacaste i.e. "gringolandia" that has turned us off up to this point." Arthur - Westhampton Beach

"I like the vision of what you're doing..." Robert - Brooklyn

"....this place is too good to be true." Sara - Portland, OR


"wethough we're not sure if we could ever leave our farm here in New York, we are completely captivated by this!" Barbara - Warwick, NY


"When we are conscious of our environment and think of the future for ourselves, families and the planet. Eco-Friendly and Self Sustainable comes to my mind and that's exactly what I found at the Finca! When building a Community/Family I couldn't have picked a better group - or view!" Chris -

Naples, Fl


"Wow, it looks like you all have set your selves up in paradise." Karis - Portland, OR


"Hi all, came across your site - very cool." Michael - Charlotte, NC


"Hola amigos, I feel like were all part of a new emerging global family of like minded people." Jules - Santa Cruz, CA


"I arrive in Costa Rica on Wednesday. Basically on a quest for just such a place!!!" William, St. Louis, MO


"Sure am glad to find you folks...found you on the ic directory for Costa Rica." Heidi - Sedona, AZ


"You guys are doing such fantastic work down there. I have always been impressed with your knowledge but this project really takes your efforts to a new level. My life is so far from nature right now. Hope to catch you soon." Bruce - Atlanta


"What you are doing is very exciting and the exact prototype I am looking for..." Sharon - Sacramento, CA


“I think that the sustainability issue is the most important aspect of the property. I practically have to pinch myself when I realize that my family is part of something this special.” Dave – Long Island

"Being closer to nature and being able to sustain myself and my family within it, seems like the next logical step in my spiritual and personal growth."
Rich - Brooklyn

“I had already fallen in love with the land and the sea, but then in the first week I was there a foal was born right in the main square in Samara, it was a beautiful moment and reflected with the unique natural state of the place and our aspirations to build a special community in a creative and authentic way.”
Sally – London

“I wanted to be part of something good for the environment, provide an adventure for my son in an unspoiled natural place, and leave an environmental legacy for my grand children.”
Ray – Tampa

“The level of environmental awareness, open-mindedness, and independent/self-reliant mindsets of the people made the decision to be part of this endeavor a no-brainer for me.”
David – Greensboro, NC


"I recently wrote a research papers on sustainable communities and found your website to be incredibly helpful." Emilee - Seattle


"Living in a community like yours has been a dream of mine my whole life..."  Matthew - Las Vegas


"It is my dream to live a simple life in a land as beautiful as yours." - Dariusz - London, Canada


"We already have property down there and like your development and the concept behind it. Well done! Dina - Costa Rica


"I'm awestruck. Truly." Emily - Pensacola, FL


"What an amazing, inspiring development you have created." Nancy - New York, NY


"I'm so impressed with your vision and everything I've seen..." Laurie - Boulder, CO


"I am very impressed with the values expressed in this project." Neshama - Boulder, CO


"I stumbled upon this website without meaning to and was very inspired... so I new I had to touch base..." Robin - Buda, TX


"the property has grabbed our imaginations." Bill - Sequim, WA


"I really like your ideas and the way your project is taking shape. You have a special cadre of people there. Buena Suerte." Lance - Ocala, FL


"I fell in love with the property from day1..." Heloisa, NMBeach, FL


"What a fantastic project that you guys have!" Suzy, San Jose, Costa Rica


"Your vision in Costa Rica closely resembles what we envision for our family." Andriana - Portland, OR


"It is my dream to live a simple life in a land as beautiful as yours." Dariusz - London, Canada


"You have an amazing project going on. Wow completely blew my mind." Cedric - Haiti


"Love everything about this place!!" Dayna, Burlington, VT


"Really like what you are trying to do and the ideas behind it. Like your idea of community and what you are trying to do to protect the land, and the fact that a large portion of it is set aside and your plans for reforestation." Kenneth, Wichita, KS


"What you are doing looks absolutely fantastic."  Todd, Medford, NJ


"Its pretty overwhelming to find a community in the works that is exactly what my fiancé and i hope to live in someday..." Mollie, Venice, CA


"I'm so impressed with your vision and everything I've seen." Laurie, Boulder, CO




Sally and Millard
Andy and Ben
Brad, Dave and Mark
Victoria and Dar
Wayne & Keith

Fred, Tad and Chris


we, Sally, Lucca and Eva


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Located (near Playa Samara, Playa Carrillo, Playa Garza, Playa Buenavista, Playa Guiones, Playa Nosara, Playa Ostional, and Playa San Juanilla) on the Nicoya Peninsula overlooking  the Pacific coast of Costa Rica